Leadership Seminar. 
Over the weekend I attended a number of plenary and breakout sessions as part of the national President Elect Development Seminar. 
From the perspective of the role and the challenges as I seem them for our club there was a thought provoking presentation that challenged participants to consider where they were personally and where their club was in the Rotary Life Cycle. Where do you see our club? We are definitely not new, and I think well past the “Early Years” but in our prime? If you see us slipping round to the left and towards the Hospice what might we as a club and you as an individual do to rejuvenate the club?
While the mantra is often to “get more young members” one presenter argued with some conviction that clubs should definitely not look past attracting members who might well be near or in retirement but will still bring active service to the club. It might be that we can no longer wheel lots of concrete or spend a long day in the sun running activities for children but that does not mean we can’t provide a valuable service to our community and the wider world in other ways. 
That of course leads into Rotary Foundation and the valuable contribution we can make to that but more about that later in the bulletin. 
Chris Luxon, well known to our club, delivered a thoughtful, polished and very well received presentation, much of which will be familiar with our members who have heard Chris speak. 
One thing that he did say that particularly resonated with me as I look ahead to the next Rotary year was,  and paraphrasing, "when setting out on a leadership challenge, we always need to respect the past while also aiming to stimulate progress and change." 
Rotary Carnival.
Mar 21, 2021
World Water Day
Mar 22, 2021
Top Schools
Mar 26, 2021
Apr 25, 2021
Our 50th Anniversary Dinner
May 08, 2021
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Zoe on Exchange.
The move back into Level 3 meant it was back to Zoom meetings and on Monday evening our most recent on-bound student, Zoe Lit, reported back to members on her year in Germany. 
A group of 28 out-bound students set off in high spirits stopping first in Los Angeles where the group had a great time visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios and an American school. Then it was off to Germany to be met almost immediately by the first of the Covid -19 lockdowns. 
This of course greatly impacted on Zoe’s year. There were less opportunities to travel, the get much anticipated exchange student tour ended up being a day trip with two other students, there was only time to do two presentations to her host club, [one of which was by Zoom], time at school was reduced and especially in the first homestay almost all the time was spent at home with the family. 
Many exchange students elected to leave the exchange when Covid hit but Zoe elected to stay. Once things were more in control some students returned so as well as out-bound and in-bound students we now have a new category, re-bound.  
Despite the disruption Zoe made the very best of her time away and had a great year. Her host families were all supportive and looked to make the experience the best possible.  By focusing on the positives and learning to deal with the disappointments and issues that Covid caused Zoe’s report reflected a year well spent.
We often judge an exchange by the number of places students go  and the people they meet but the ability to adapt to a new language and culture during an extended lockdown takes real grit and ultimately can be life changing.
Congratulations Zoe. 
The date draws ever closer. Sunday March 21st.
The possibility of a further Covid lockdown [or a continuation at level2] is never far from the organisers minds. Similarly there is the ever possible threat of inclement weather. Now there is nothing we can do to prevent those two but never the less there is still plenty that we do control to ensure the Carnival is a great event, to say nothing of being a great fundraising activity.
Here is where you, the member comes in!
It would be great if we had such a great turn out of volunteers to deliver pamphlets that each person had a small area to cover. Likewise, lots of volunteers on the day means shorter shifts and the opportunity of having time for a break from duties. 
If we have not yet heard from you, help us make this a great community event and ensure we continue to have the opportunity to host such a well attended Rotary branded event by, if at all possible, volunteering.  
Govind Pani   govindpani@gmail.com.                    Allan Vester. allanvester@eduplus.co.nz
Anniversary Gala Dinner
As you will already be aware our planned gala dinner celebrating the Rotary Club of Pakuranga’s 50 years of service to the community, had to be postponed last year due to the Covid-19 Alert Level and the unavailability of our regular venue.  This facility is continuing this year as a Government controlled MIQ (Managed Isolation & Quarantine) hotel and thus is not available again.
The good news is that the Anniversary Team have organised an alternative venue for the 8th May 2021, for us to celebrate 51 years as a Rotary Club in Pakuranga. The Howick Club is a venue of distinction and conviviality designed for evenings such as ours and thus we believe the night we have organised will be one to remember for the years to come.
The organising committee have already sent out official invitations.
They ask you to  consider this once in a Rotary lifetime, must attend event and forward your commitment to be there as soon as possible.
There is a limit to the numbers that can be accommodated so be in early to secure your seat(s) by depositing $75pp into our bank account as soon as possible (02-0223-0017811-05 - Code: “Your Surname”; Ref: Gala)
Also using the email below, please advise the First Name and Surname you wish to appear on your name tag including any partners and/or guests.
Thanks & best regards
The 50th Anniversary Committee
Rotary Club of Pakuranga Inc.
Rotary Foundation
At the leadership seminar there was a lot of emphasis on the Rotary Foundation.
The work that the foundation does around the world as well as more locally was recognised.
The esteem that the Foundation is held in terms of its extremely high rating as a charity was recognised and celebrated.
The multitude of ways individual Rotarians can contribute was outlined.
Clubs shared how they  addressed their contribution to Foundation and there was considerable variation. Clubs talked about running a raffle every month with the proceeds going to the Foundation. Others ran two social events a year with the express purpose of raising funds either for the Foundation or for the Ending Polio project.
Many clubs automatically put a percentage of every fundraiser into Foundation and of course some simply levy each member.