The date draws ever closer. Sunday March 21st.
The possibility of a further Covid lockdown [or a continuation at level2] is never far from the organisers minds. Similarly there is the ever possible threat of inclement weather. Now there is nothing we can do to prevent those two but never the less there is still plenty that we do control to ensure the Carnival is a great event, to say nothing of being a great fundraising activity.
Here is where you, the member comes in!
It would be great if we had such a great turn out of volunteers to deliver pamphlets that each person had a small area to cover. Likewise, lots of volunteers on the day means shorter shifts and the opportunity of having time for a break from duties. 
If we have not yet heard from you, help us make this a great community event and ensure we continue to have the opportunity to host such a well attended Rotary branded event by, if at all possible, volunteering.  
Govind Pani                    Allan Vester.