The move back into Level 3 meant it was back to Zoom meetings and on Monday evening our most recent on-bound student, Zoe Lit, reported back to members on her year in Germany. 
A group of 28 out-bound students set off in high spirits stopping first in Los Angeles where the group had a great time visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios and an American school. Then it was off to Germany to be met almost immediately by the first of the Covid -19 lockdowns. 
This of course greatly impacted on Zoe’s year. There were less opportunities to travel, the get much anticipated exchange student tour ended up being a day trip with two other students, there was only time to do two presentations to her host club, [one of which was by Zoom], time at school was reduced and especially in the first homestay almost all the time was spent at home with the family. 
Many exchange students elected to leave the exchange when Covid hit but Zoe elected to stay. Once things were more in control some students returned so as well as out-bound and in-bound students we now have a new category, re-bound.  
Despite the disruption Zoe made the very best of her time away and had a great year. Her host families were all supportive and looked to make the experience the best possible.  By focusing on the positives and learning to deal with the disappointments and issues that Covid caused Zoe’s report reflected a year well spent.
We often judge an exchange by the number of places students go  and the people they meet but the ability to adapt to a new language and culture during an extended lockdown takes real grit and ultimately can be life changing.
Congratulations Zoe.