It wont be all that long before I move from President Elect to President.  That's not because I am planning a coup but rather because the Rotary year is rushing by. 
There are now two important things to be done.
1. The first is extracting some volunteers to take on the roles of chairing our committees for the next Rotary year. Fortunately I have had some interest expressed but there are still plenty of roles to fill. You could wait until I managed to corner you and ask you to take on a role but I would prefer that anyone who is willing and able,  to approach me. There will be those who are very happy in the committee they are currently leading or are on and who would like to continue doing that. That would be great news so I look forward to hearing from you.
2. We also need to choose a President Elect for the year I am President.
If you want to be considered for that role or have a good idea of a member who you think should be considered please get in contact with our Floor Member, Mike Collins. I huge thanks from me Mike for agreeing to take on this role.  The intention is to make the role of President as doable and enjoyable as is possible. All members have a role in doing that. Remember we are a volunteer service club that needs volunteers to be able to have the sort of club people want to be members of.