Posted by Murray Eaton on Sep 14, 2017

Our current government has just granted the largest sum given Rotary since the last Labour Government. Rotary dignitaries will visit Wellington tomorrow to attend to the detail.  Below is the link to the press release:

Gordon Hooper, Past District Governor (following David Drake) New Zealand tennis representative and a man who has experienced great change, still showed great enthusiasm for Rotary, where it has been and the future.

It seemed everywhere Gordon went he could easily find common ground with our members and was like an old friend. We were treated to his very interesting experiences in Rotary starting in Rotorua moving against the trend to Wellington and then Christchurch. His life has been full of Rotary Programs similar to those undertaken at our club and sometimes the same.

Thoughts on membership and having partners attending alternate meeting were interesting.

A refreshing speaker who again reminded us to keep changing with the times to ensure the development and survival of Rotary which has given so much to us all.