The general conclusion across Auckland that this latest lockdown has been the most difficult. The Delta variant of the virus has been more difficult to get under control and in-household transmission has been much greater.
Nevertheless, Auckland has largely got through it with compliance levels generally still very high. OK, there has been the odd escapee, a couple of ill-timed and ill-thought-out fast food runs [along with a large quantity of then to be confiscated cash] but we have not had the kind of scenes that Australia is having to deal with. 
What the lockdown has demonstrated is that people enjoy social contact. It seems to me that Rotary is well placed to help provide those contacts and that we can do that in person and in real time when response levels allow but also virtually and via electronic means at any time. That can happen without in any way distracting from the other things that we do as members and as a club. 
We will have members who are keen on such things as crosswords, number puzzles, quiz’s, political discussion, books, films, or music.  Are there things we can we do as a club to encourage members with similar interests to share those? Fellowship is something Rotary values highly so if you have ideas on how we might use the electronic media to share common interests please share those and perhaps we can get some things happening.