Posted by Peter Woodcock on Sep 26, 2018

Pest Free by 2050? An ambitious but achievable goal in the view of Ed Chignell who outlined the responsibilities of his hard-working organisation. But it has to start small – in local communities where eradication of rodents can be done through the actions of every one of us who sees a problem.

From the communities the goal can be extended to broader districts and already there have been significant achievements around the country – Bay of Island peninsula, Tiri Tiri, Little Barrier being the closest with Waiheke being targeted next. Mahia peninsula is another location receiving special attention. Short videos showed the actions taken and those planned with the goal of restoring birdsong to the wild where rats, ferrets and stoats have done major damage over the years. The question was asked about rabbits in the mix but the primary targets are the predatory animals.

Ed left attendees at Pakuranga Rotary's meeting in September in no doubt that the issue was being addressed, that there is still some way to go but the will is there and, given the necessary finances, dedicated workers will do their utmost to achieve a pest-free new Zealand in the next 32 years.