Mana Tangata : People of Action is a well written history of the first hundred years of Rotary in NZ. Along with  details of the growth of Rotary and the many contributions it has made it also contains the recognition that the continued viability of our organisation will require us to evolve. That does not mean dispensing with all of the traditions but does recognise that the range, organisation and style of clubs may well differ more than has been the case in our history.   
In the introductory remarks I made at changeover I referenced a statement the D.G. of District 960, Andy Rajapakse.  That statement resonated with me because I believe that while making a positive difference in our community is core to our existence our ability to do that work is enhanced when members feel part of something which is in turn developed through fellowship opportunities. It's my view that rather than diverting us from the important business of Rotary, fellowship and taking care of our members is part of the important business of Rotary.