Posted by Les Divers on Mar 21, 2019

Guest speaker on Monday was our very own Simeon Brown on how he has found ways to make a difference from the backbenches.  His week is taken up with constituent meetings Monday and Friday, interspersed with Wellington on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and community events on weekends.  He very much enjoys his constituent meetings on Monday with interesting people and interesting stories – a contrast from dealing with bureaucrats for the next 3 days.  Simeon has been at the forefront of raising awareness with local issues, including the about to commence Ameti project. He is also dealing with the current concern in many of the education circles in our community about the government proposals to fast forward the governance of schools back to the 1950s.

His Private Members Bill dealing with synthetic cannabis was drawn on the first ballot out of a biscuit tin and has precipitated a government bill attempting to deal with the problem.  Simeon has also recently been designated as a contact person for National in the Botany electorate.  As Ken Worsley, who introduced Simeon, says, it  is always a pleasure to hear from him.