Like many of you here tonight, I have lived over a quarter of a century as a Rotarian. During those years there have been numerous occasions when I have felt great pride, witnessing and celebrating the contribution our people make to the community. Tonight is one of those occasions. It has been my great pleasure, pride and indeed privilege to have spent the past four months involved with information gathering and research to celebrate such contribution.
Before we go any further, I would like to acknowledged the help I have had from DG Craig, Vick Soar, District Secretary, Angela Stavogiannopoulos, RI’s PR Officer for the Sth Pacific, along with Bill Boyd and President Alison for their trust and support. The award that will be presented tonight is not from our Club, it is not even from our District, but from RI and to the very best of our combined knowledge and research, it has never before been presented to a member of the Pakuranga Club.  
Sylvie Willkinson