Fundraising Committee 14 June 2021
The fundraising committee has held its last meeting for this Rotary year. 
In a difficult year, punctuated by Covid lockdowns and the on-going possibility of further disruption the Committee nevertheless had an active year. 
Tambola Final figures from this fundraiser are therefore pending.
Pudding income: Raising $1,017 this year David is hopeful we can increase sales outside the club in the future
Meat raffle:  A new initiative by Nick which in the short time it has been operating has raised $430. 
Car Boot sale: Another fundraising venture still in its infancy for our club. With some well-established competition from the Sallies car boot sale in Howick the incoming committee will have to decide whether to continue. 
Trade Me Sales: with club member donations of goods $462 was raised. This is a worthwhile and simple fundraiser and with provided more members support we can raise funds and declutter homes.
Xmas Tarts: Sales generated a profit of $1,153. 
Carnival: Results discussed but final figure not yet available as calculations still underway.
Committee thanks: The members were thanked for their willingness to participate and effort to raise funds in an unprecedently difficult and changing national / global situation. A vote of thanks to the Chair was passed for “the efficient & tireless work undertaken during the year”
Gibbs Sculpture Farm: As advised, this event did not go ahead, due to the Trust closing the farm as a response to the Covid situation.  All organization for this and the luncheon at the historical homestead is in place should someone want to run with it next year. Thank you Les, for your hard work and commitment.