Returning to normal
As things return to something closer to normal, we still have a problem.
Not a huge one but a problem nevertheless – a shortage of material for the Bulletin. 
As endlessly entertained by the musings of the editor as I am sure that many are, some of you at least would like some other material.
What’s the solution? If you have things relating to Rotary that you think others would benefit from please get those through to me. 
Joint Meeting - Auckland East Rotary 11 April 2022
5 Knots Restaurant
Apr 11, 2022
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Apr 25, 2022
Charity Golf Tournament
Whitford Park Golf Club
Apr 29, 2022
World Bee Day
May 20, 2022
International Day of UN Peacekeepers
May 29, 2022
A Special Event
May 29, 2022
Queens Birthday
Jun 06, 2022
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Scribes report
Who in their right mind would want to get involved in local (or any - sorry Simeon!) politics these days?  Someone like Sharon Stewart perhaps who addressed members at the last meeting giving some insights to the day to day issues Board and Council members face.  Some have to do with the condition of roads, the filth accumulating in stagnant streams or ponds, live electric power lines down, risking lives etc. etc.  

The principal message though was that the Super City structure seems ill-equipped to manage such matters with any sense of urgency.  Sharon hankers for something more like the old Manukau City days at least in regard to the infrastructure and ability to cope.  She seemed to prefer the idea of a 'Three City' set-up in the interests of efficiency and is dearly hoping that forthcoming elections may provide her with at least one like-minded visionary (Maurice Williamson perhaps?) to effect positive change, stem the bleeding of rate-payers money and restore public confidence in those they elect to serve.

In all a very interesting talk after which members' questions were handled with sympathy and aplomb.  

Thank you Sharon.
         Get ready for!!!!
When:       Friday 24th of June to Sunday 26th of June 
Where:     Te Papa Museum, Wellington. 
Conference Registration Cost $375.00 for an individual + $225.00 for a Partner/Spouse
“a wonderful opportunity for fellowship after a tough two years”
Mini Whakatau [Welcoming Ceremony) at 10.00 a.m. which will be followed by an early lunch for those attending that.
Formal programme starts at 1.00.
With a programme packed with such great speakers as
  • Ola Ioane (Diversity Works N. Z.)
  • Robert Oliver ( Pacific Food Revolution)
  • Sir Ian Taylor ( ARL Industries )
  • Peter Boshier ( Chief Ombudsman) its not an event to be missed.
And that’s without taking into account a Shining Stars Gala dinner , a Rotary’s Got Talent Friday night and of course the opportunity to visit NZ’s showcase museum. 
Ian [conference organiser extraordinaireHandisides is working hard behind the scenes and has booked 20 rooms at the Copthorne Hotel just a 5 minute walk from Te Papa. Below in read more are the details on  room types and pricing. Contact Ian with you preference. 
The website for registering will go live in the next week or two.
Ian will have more detail for members but has the goal of trying for that attendance trophy once again!
Go to read more for the accomodation details. 
Meat Raffle
The meat raffle is up and running with winners already announced for the first draw.
But its not too late to buy a ticket. Setting up a second raffle with a seperate draw is not difficult and will give more of you a chance or those who have a ticket already,  twice the chance of winning. [Given my piece on misinformation in this bulletin you might want to consider the statistics behind that claim]. Never the less its not expensive and a great way to include not just members but also other bulletin subscribers.
Tickets are $100 and there is a draw twice a month for 10 months. 
40 tickets in each pod of tickets
Draws are based on the first three Lotto numbers drawn on the Saturday preceding our Monday meeting.
First prize is a $50 meat pack and there are also two prizes of $25 meat packs.
Informed by email and you pick up from Howick Meats.
 “how to purchase”?
Contact Peter Jollands.  Email,   Ph 021 830 595
Or Peter Taylor. Email,    Ph 021 746 764
Help for the food banks
President Penelope and the atellite club has taken up the challenge of assisting with the collection of food items for local food banks.
Sojung Yoon our member and on the staff at Botany Downs School, working with Duncan has established a collection box at the school.
Its also the intention of our club to further develop the car boot collection initiative. 
Finding the truth in an untruthful age
The issue of misinformation and disinformation has been prominent in the news recently. 
The ease with which information, facts and fictions, misunderstandings and deliberate disinformation can spread via the electronic media is clearly a major part of the problem.
What is also a problem is the insouciant willingness of people we might expect to know better to either invent “facts” or spread those. Clearly that’s not something that fits with our four-way test, but research shows a surprisingly high number of people believe at least one conspiracy theory. In Britain its estimated to be up to 60%.
Why might this happen? In some cases, the theory fits a view that a person already holds about an event person or organisation, so the misinformation fits nicely with what they want to believe. In other cases, it’s because the event seems so large or important that people can’t believe it may have happened by chance, therefore there must be a reason or a person or an organisation behind it.   How many for example thought something important would occur on the 2/2/2022? How about the conspiracy that questions how the House of Rothchild can have the same corporate colours as the Ukrainian flag? 
Then we are subject to people with a public platform, often via cable news or other electronic media who use some pretty sophisticated techniques – the bare assertion stated as a fact, the ominous question and innuendo, the statements such as “just asking questions” or “I would love to know more but what I know is troubling enough”, the use of an actual fact but then drawing an unwarranted and unsupported conclusion and of course  simply repeating a claim so many times that it becomes the accepted truth.