Who in their right mind would want to get involved in local (or any - sorry Simeon!) politics these days?  Someone like Sharon Stewart perhaps who addressed members at the last meeting giving some insights to the day to day issues Board and Council members face.  Some have to do with the condition of roads, the filth accumulating in stagnant streams or ponds, live electric power lines down, risking lives etc. etc.  

The principal message though was that the Super City structure seems ill-equipped to manage such matters with any sense of urgency.  Sharon hankers for something more like the old Manukau City days at least in regard to the infrastructure and ability to cope.  She seemed to prefer the idea of a 'Three City' set-up in the interests of efficiency and is dearly hoping that forthcoming elections may provide her with at least one like-minded visionary (Maurice Williamson perhaps?) to effect positive change, stem the bleeding of rate-payers money and restore public confidence in those they elect to serve.

In all a very interesting talk after which members' questions were handled with sympathy and aplomb.  

Thank you Sharon.