What’s the story with our Auxiliary ?
Our Auxiliary is a first for Pakuranga Rotary and as with lots of new initiatives, details are not always well understood. In the interests of clarity some key points are outlined below.
  • Members of the Auxiliary are full members of Pakuranga Rotary. They pay the same annual fees as others and that fee goes straight into our club accounts.
  • As members know, most Rotary clubs in New Zealand are struggling to maintain, let alone grow their membership.  Our Auxiliary encourages younger people to join Rotary and contribute to the community in a way that better meets their circumstances.
  • The Auxiliary makes up around 20% of our membership and very significantly improves our gender balance. Without them our numbers would total just 42. 
  • Right now, despite Covid, our Auxiliary have contributed: Communicare knitting group, clothing for Plunket babies, reading programme, supporting Women’s refuge and spent 30 hours packing ERKS boxes. 
  • Their meetings are business focused, akin to our Committees.