Posted by Duncan Loney on May 25, 2020

Autumn is upon us and while this means the humidity has gone, it also means the return of the rats!
As we experience cooler weather and longer nights, under cover of the extended darkness, the little guys come closer to dwellings in search of both food and warmth. Nows a good time to increase your trapping efforts? What a great way to make an additional contribution to our community. Let’s get trapping and when Spring arrives, we will see increased bird numbers in our gardens.

A message from the Trap Library Chair, Duncan, who is continuing to have success on his own property.. (photo of a large rat in a mustelid trap!) “ Breaking news!… staying home in our bubbles, we have been given special powers to eliminate all pests breaking the country’s isolation rules and encroaching on to our properties. Best of luck to you all and I look forward to hearing your stories”

Some great news: Karyn, who is the Coordinator for Lot 29 in Shelly Park, this Summer, has eliminated the following predators: 43 rats, 20 mice, 9 possums, 7 hedgehogs.  One catch was so huge that she reported the trap missing.. turns out the weight of the catch was such that it ripped the trap from its pins… she found it two days later, among bush down a steep bank, complete with an enormous very dead male possum. Great to have him out of the breeding line. Well down Karyn and thank you for your amazing dedication ! If any of you other Coordinators have also heard an interesting story, please let us know so we can share with everyone