Posted by Bill Duncan
For those of us who have been Rotarians for a good many years, one of the great joys of being a Rotarian was, and remains, the ability to make up at another Rotary Club’s regular meeting, anywhere in the world. This was by way of assisting you with attaining your required percentage yearly attendance which, if my memory serves me correctly, was 60% of your own clubs regular meetings in any one year. In fact, many of us retained an updated Rotary International Directory for this very purpose.
Social Distancing reminds me of the time I decided to make up at a club in Rotorua. The only Rotarians I came into contact with were the gentleman who took my meal money and two or three other visiting Rotarians who with me had been guided to a roped off area especially ordained for visiting Rotarians. I do recall some whimsical remarks made by my companions for the meeting but I can’t recall whether we were given any form of introduction or indeed whether were visited by the sergeant.
In recent years we have become familiar with ‘E’ clubs and now in this time of Coronavirus we learn that at least two of the clubs in our District, Remuera and Downtown, are meeting via ZOOM. Members in the Downtown Club regularly meet in the late afternoon, if only to address the topic DRINKS” on the Agenda.
So might we have a member who, unlike some of us, is not technology challenged, who might be able to organize such meetings, possibly with a view to using such technology for smaller group meetings in the future.