Posted by Bill Boyd on Jun 15, 2020
Each year, Rotary funds up to 130 fully funded Peace scholarships. We now have over 1300 qualified Fellows.

The Master’s programme consists of approximately 21 months of study and Fellows graduate with a degree, generally in Peace and Conflict Resolution. Midway through the course Rotary funds around six weeks for the Fellows to individually gain practical experience and some go to very interesting and dangerous places! The universities that provide these programmes are Duke/University of North Carolina, Bradford, Uppsala, International Christian University in Tokyo and Queensland. These universities are inspected every three years and over the years three have been dropped and replaced and the competition to be selected is intense. On the last occasion we had over 100 universities apply.

The Certificate course was altered last year to include three months live-in at the University, nine months of on-line support, and then back for a one week residential refresh of the experience. In this course, Fellows go together for a one week practical experience. Often for the Fellows at Chulalonghorn in Bangkok they travel to Laos to gain an understanding of the causes of the notorious Pol Phot genocide and from Makerere in Kampala they will visit countries such as Rwanda. This is the first year in operation of Makerere and it was selected in a very competitive process. Rotary wanted a Peace course in Africa and several countries wanted to be the host. 

In general, applicants with a study background tend towards a Master’s programme and individuals who have been working for some years in peace related activities gravitate towards the Certificate course as it requires less time off work.Of the graduates, most reside in the US as so many international organisation are centred there but 9% of the total [116] reside in Australia and Oceania. Almost 40% of the graduates work for NGOs or other peace related organisations and many are teachers/professors, in research positions or working for governments. 71 work for UN agencies and 9 for the World Bank.

Our Peace programmes are very attractive to Rotarians and over $170 million has been given to the Peace Endowment Fund.