One of the great things about being Bulletin editor is that it gives me easy access to members.
In the last edition I included an impassioned plea for members to put up their hands to take on leadership roles in the club. As the title says that invitation didn't result in a whole lot of responses. Well none at all to be honest. 
Our ability to continue to do the great work we have been known for does rest on the energy of the whole club. Leaving the substantive work to a few ends up burning out those people and is far less productive than lots of us doing a bit.
I know that it has not been common practice in our club but the co-chairing, i.e sharing of roles,  is working well in other clubs and some of you who would be apprehensive taking on the whole role might consider sharing it with a Rotary colleague. Done well that also can provide continuity ensuring that institutional knowledge is not lost.
If you have any questions about what positions are needing filling for the next year or want to discuss how you might be part of that and how we might ensure the task does not become overwhelming  please get back in touch.