Posted by Allan Vester on May 27, 2020
Beginning with the statement of the objective to “make the club relevant to current members and inviting to prospective members”, Alison outlined some proposed changes for the coming Rotary year recognising that to some extent it was "going forward to the past".
  1. To have the club and the ancillary club working in tandem rather in parallel. 
  2. To reintroduce committees. These committees become a “home” for members, act as a conduit to the Board and allow for more, smaller scale social events. Rather than allocate members to committees Alison is aiming for members to volunteer to join a committee that especially interests them. 
  3. To set up project teams which all members can contribute to for those larger, one off events. 
The Committees that will run in the coming years are: 
CommunityLinda Agnew
Aiming to work with both the local community and the business community.
FundraisingSylvie Wilkinson
With almost certain limits on donations and grants the committee will need to to be innovative and think outside the square.
YouthTrish Plowright assisted by Nick Loseb
Post Covid 19, some traditional programmes may not run in the coming year.
Club ManagementDon Lawry
TreasurerKim Collins
SecretaryDuncan Loney and Sarah Gilbert