Posted by Emily Lit on Aug 29, 2017

As much as my summer was relatively busy, this month is just as bad (I don’t think I’ve stopped once but I love it!)

So, because the summer holidays have come to an end now and Greece is far behind in my rear view mirror, it's onto a different chapter involving school and the last couple of months of my exchange. It is extremely weird to think that time has flown by this fast. Everyone always says that the first 6 months go by fast but the next 6 months go by even faster. Faster? When I got told that i just laughed - thinking in my head how is that even possible knowing that for 17 years of my life school has gone by so slow and the years have dragged on. However experiencing it now really puts things into perspective. 

1 August

To start the month off, my 18th. It was a pretty big deal - here’s what my day consisted of: I was woken up in the morning with a birthday song whilst I’m half asleep in bed,  a really good breakfast at 7am (before the host parents went to work), of course more sleep (its 7am i need the energy for a long day ahead), lunch with one of my best friends in Denmark, Alberte, who is a Danish girl in my class- we start the early celebrations because the next day was her 18th. At night, my host family were kind enough to allow me to invite a couple friends over for dinner. It started off well and then we went out.

3 August

I was lucky enough to have been able to know the bar manager at the most expensive bar/restaurant/hotel- the D’Angleterre. It is Copenhagen’s first Champagne bar however, due to Rotary rules- we drank virgin cocktails (they were cheaper and probably just as good!!)

6 August

Today is a very important day in Denmark, the National Women’s Football team made it into the World Finals for the European Cup which is a big deal, only to come second- I got to spend the afternoon/night with my counsellor and we went to a sports bar to watch the game. It was very hyggelidt. 

A couple nights later, I was lucky enough that the girls in my class decided that the first week back was too stressful and that we needed a girls night out which meant that we went to Alberte’s apartment for a “Girls Grill Night’ it was really nice being able to just hang out. On the 19th of August, I volunteered to help at a Rotary PR event handing out brochures and talking about the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme to randoms on the street in Denglish (Danish/English) it was nice being able to give back and encourage more 15-18 year olds to join. That morning, I was lucky enough to meet some of the newbies which was weird, however being able to click with a guy from New York, I invited him out with us later that afternoon to the Gay Pride Parade after party with the music and dancing. It was really fun and was an experience being able to see why this parade was started and it was just full of good vibes. 

On the 25th, I was offered a position to help one of the Rotarians (who also happens to now be the president of my club) with her clothing line. Being involved in the Womens Entrepreneur Group, I now help her with her social media branding which will allow her to promote and spread the name of her brand. The 25th was based around helping her model her clothes (more PR work) whilst engaging with customers at her pre show/ pre launch of her line. Her line is especially special because it is made with Alpaca Wool and designed to be in trend and worn in Copenhagen weather- which is atrocious (supposed to be summer but I’m wearing jeans and long sleeves, can’t wait for winter!!)

26th to the 27th I was lucky to have been invited to go to my friend’s summer house in the island ‘Møn’ to celebrate his 18th birthday. It will be super interesting and will definitely update you in the next report.

The month of September is rather interesting this involves staying with Frederikke Christiansen for the weekend, moving families, going to another 18th, the Rotary conference, the trip to Oslo, which got moved to October and of course the South Korea trip with my class also in October. I look forward to it and you’ll hear from me more on Facebook, Instagram of course another report and whatever other social media I am on !!!