Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children
ROMAC is a key District Governor Rotary programme providing life-saving and dignity-restoring treatment to the children from developing countries in Oceania.
This Rotary programme spans the Australian and New Zealand regions, and between 20 and 30 children are referred to New Zealand (mostly to Starship hospital) for treatment each year.
We are looking for an Operations Manager, who is a current member of Rotary, to join our volunteer team, mostly based in Auckland. The primary role of the Operations Manager is to organise and manage the logistics of getting ROMAC patients from the Pacific islands to New Zealand for treatment. This includes the processes associated with obtaining and managing the appropriate passport, VISA and immigration requirements and ensuring ROMAC documentation is completed.  Travel documentation, itineraries and ticketing for child and carer travel to New Zealand and return home are also part of the role.
This role is part of the NZ Regional Committee with members who are supportive and have roles integral to the Operations Manager role. Generally, a commitment of between 7 and 14 hours per week may be required to fulfil this role, occasionally longer when uploading data and information into the ROMAC database and reporting.
If you are a Rotarian looking for a way to contribute directly to the objects of Rotary and are interested to find about more about this role please email NZ Region Chair Glenys Parton at newzealand@romac.org.au for a Role Description.