Though he could have given us all sorts of advice and insights into the running of small businesses and coping with all that this entails, Gary Barzilay chose to give details of family and life experiences which shaped an underlying philosophy instilled in his being.

With words and graphic actions Gary revealed the pain endured in the botched process of ex-foliation of leg hair, designed to reduce drag as a keen cyclist. As if one leg was not bad enough, he knew he had to endure the agony of a second.

In similar vein he told of his ambitions to be a cowboy, his life as a horse trainer designed to meet this end. Being tossed to the ground, not once but twice by a reluctant and rampant filly he was urged to get back in the saddle knowing full well the likely consequences. Third time lucky, the horse accepted the load and became compliant.

The message?   Know the difference between being cautious and being afraid.  Fear leads to loss of confidence and the doubting of one’s self – abilities and esteem, while cautiousness allows the possibility of perseverance and ultimate success.

Gary was proud to announce that he did become a cowboy – he moved into the Real Estate business!

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