Posted by Peter Woodcock

9920 District Governor Ingrid Waugh promised a short address and time for questions – and she delivered!

Be the Inspiration’ is the Rotary theme of World President Barry Rassin and Ingrid obviously took this on board as she gave her seventh presentation to 9920 clubs as D.G.  After some warm fuzzies directed to our club’s record and Rotary stalwarts she outlined her FOUR priorities for the current Rotary year.
First is the goal of growing leaders –not just younger but also long-standing members who, with more flexible thinking within the clubs could be given a chance to reveal latent qualities in leadership roles.

Second is to encourage project-based programmes, projects being ‘the life-blood of Rotary as they involve members in setting and achieving goals aimed to benefit their communities.  So much the better if they are sustainable and meet long-term needs. On-going support for Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus is a given.

Third is to lift the public profile of Rotary by publicising the stories of actions that make a difference. We need to seek new ways of blowing our own trumpet and not be too shy about it!

All three of the above, if adopted with enthusiasm and flexible thinking should lead inevitably to increased membership as newcomers catch the vision.  9920 has been bleeding members in recent years and it’s time to stem the flow!

The District has a number of special events planned to lead by example and try at least ONE new initiative each Rotary year.  a Rotary Day is being planned while special seminars on Foundation and International Service are scheduled over the next few weeks.

Question Time revealed the following:
* The possibility that RDU could become an on-line publication to cut back on costs of paper publishing. Currently not much in it as far as production costs go.
* Beware of complacency and lack of planning for the future
* Closing the gaps between District Committees and clubs – strategies under way for this.
* Investigation into co-ordinating New Zealand wide reporting on what Rotary is doing with provision of a full-time publicist.
* Review of the overall structure of Rotary NZ is under way as dynamics change.

Past World President Bill Boyd, in his vote of thanks, complimented Ingrid for her common-sense approach to the tasks confronting her in the current Rotary year and, endorsed by the members, wished her well for the next 11 months.