Hello Club Presidents and Secretaries, and District Leaders.
Re: Council on Resolutions (CoR)
Each year there is an opportunity for clubs and districts to put forward proposed resolutions to RI. These are considered by district representatives by way of on-line voting. These are not to change RI constitutional documents (as is the case with the three-yearly Council on Legislation (CoL)), but rather if passed become recommendations to the RI Board or Foundation Trustees.  
RI is currently calling for submission of proposed Resolutions that will be voted on in Oct/Nov this year. There is a procedure to be followed for submitting Resolutions. A copy is attached.
To meet the RI timetable it is necessary proposed Resolutions be adopted by Club members and forwarded to myself by 15th June. A process is then required for District endorsement.   
Please contact me if you would like assistance on any matter. It will be helpful if you can let me know in advance if your club is planning to put forward a proposed Resolution.
As an aside I note proposed enactments (that deal with the RI constitutional documents) for the 2022 CoL were required to be submitted by 31 Dec 2020.
PDG Alan Eyes
D9920 Representative for CoR & CoL 2021-2023.
Phone: 0274 987364