This year Covid forced us into rethinking Changeover.
We opted for a mid-Winter Xmas theme, with five homes becoming Xmas Bubbles with up to 12 guests around the dinner table. Half way through the evening, all locations logged into Zoom, beamed from Alison’s home, and witnessed Bart give his end of year report. 
Certificates were awarded to his Board members as well as Nick,  Del and Joe d’Ambrosio (of the Auxiliary) Bill Duncan and Bob Ritchie received Charter Member pins. Then came the PHFs. (all the awards had been secretly delivered to Bubbles and were presented personally, by the host… a lovely touch).  [More details in the Bulletin.] 
Following the handing over of the Chain, Alison briefly outlined her plans for the year… service to the community, and introduced her Board. Our thanks to our hosts Allan Vester, Alison Gilbert, Don Lawry, Kelvin Davies and Peter Armstrong. A very pleasant and inclusive Changeover.