While Bill Buckley himself was left stranded in New Plymouth due to a fault with his plane, his very capable physicist,
Tobin Jones gave us a very intensive address on just what Buckley Systems is about.The company manufactures precision electromagnets, vacuum chambers, accelerator systems and components coupled with design and physics.

The products manufactured appear to be finding their way around the world where they are comprised in other manufactured systems.
Of particular interest were the semiconductor devices used in computers, phones, and flat screen TV’s, automobiles and personal computers.

Buckley’s high-precision electro-magnets are being used in both medical diagnostic treatments and medical therapeutic treatments. Of particular interest were the use of 
particle accelerators used in medical therapy for cancer. Charged particle beams can be accelerated and directed at a patient’s tumour in a controlled manner for a specific amount of time. The high precision magnets with specific and challenging magnetic field requirements are also manufactured by the company. Several different modes of treatment of cancer cells are utilized, for example: electrons, protons, gamma rays and neutrons can be used for treating cancer.

Buckley’s is another example of the ingenuity with which New Zealand organisations are able to invent systems and use their productions around the world to enable enhancement with other products and organisations. Thank you Bill and Tobin for making us aware of a company New Zealanders can be proud of.