Posted by Allan Vester on May 07, 2020
A group of people posing for the cameraDescription automatically generatedYesterday.  The Beatles. Dennis Kavanagh.  It reminds me of my youth but still stands as a great in today’s world. While the song is credited to Lennon /McCartney it was written entirely by Paul and he was the only Beatle to play on the recording of it. The melody was written a long time before the lyrics and its title was Scrambled Eggs until Paul worked out the lyrics.
Pride and Prejudice.  Jane Austen. Alison Gilbert. I have read this book at least once every year since I was 16. Every time I read it I am staggered by the sheer beauty of the language and how Austen’s commentary on human nature is still relevant today . I find something new to think upon every time I read this book.
We Are the Champions. Queen. Gary Langford. Written by Freddie Mercury, who was thinking about football [soccer] when he wrote it. A great participation song the fans could sing. He did wonder if it could be construed as his version of I Did It My Way. "No bed of roses but we have made it."