Posted by Les Divers
President Duncan’s instructions were simple. Use the big dish to make a pie for sharing. Use the small dish to make a pie for judging. Easy. Yeah, nah.
The first issue arose because things were left to the last minute.

Where is the flaky pastry?
There is none.
But the Edmonds Cook Book says you have to use flaky.
You will have to just use what’s there.
What do I put in it?  Wagyu beef and mushrooms?  Smoked fish à la Ron French?  Should have asked Chris Ward-he knows all about fillings.
There are 6 eggs in the fridge-they need to be used.
But bacon and egg pie is sooo 1950’s.
Do what you like then.
So bacon and egg it is.
Don’t forget to cut the surplus pastry off the side.
Do you think the fact the eggs are free range is worth an extra point?
Despite the fact it would have garnered 0/10 for appearance and finishing, it tasted pretty darn good. As did all the pies presented by the 25 attendees on Monday night. It was a prequel to the Bakels Supreme Pie Awards the following evening. The Bakels experts annointed Peter Hawkins the winner with his 100% lamb creation.

But wait, there was more. Just to top it off. Supplied with a myriad variety of sprinkles and toppings and cream piping bags, and given half a dozen cupcakes each to decorate, the creativity of the assembled Rotarians was unleashed with some spectacular results to take home. Who knew David Collings was such a dab hand at cake decorating?

Now about that brandy, fig and chocolate pie for dessert……….