Auckland is back at Level 1, so hopefully our Rotary year can return to something akin to normal.
A couple of our big projects are running next year:  Top Schools and the Rotary Community Carnival and Water Festival. 
With fewer club  members some members are taking on multiple roles. 
For the Club to succeed we do need all members to be involved.
The Community Committee needs help with a couple of projects, including delivering flyers for  the Trap Library project.  Please contact Linda Agnew
President’s Quiz
At last week’s meeting we debuted the new fundraiser for the Sunshine Fund.  A true/ False quiz.  Incorrect answer, you pay. 
The questions will be sourced from my general knowledge (with some assistance from my family).  $40 was raised last week.
Science School
We have put forward 2 excellent candidates for the John Yolland Memorial Prize. 
Madeline will be involved when the students present to us next year. 
Thanks Phillip Tse, for yet again, interviewing students and putting forward the applications.