After successive lockdowns punctuated by the occasional chance to meet in person as a club members were pleased to be able to again meet and welcome a guest speaker. The report from the scribe that details the activities of a very successful and innovative New Zealand company can be found below. 
Membership will be something that is on many of your minds. I have added a few thoughts in the bulletin [the benefit of being the editor]. If you have any thoughts feel free, encouraged even, to share those with Alison or the chair of the committee you belong to. 
President Alison has volunteered to co-ordinate the Rotary Community Carnival and Water Festival to be held in February 2021. The Howick Local Board has committed to funding this again. It showcases Pakuranga Rotary in the community and is a welcome source off fundraising but does require a sizeable workforce from our club so look forward to a day in the sun early in 2021.