The Weekend Herald on Saturday 20th devoted a full page to an abridged extract from Mana Tangata. People of Action. While our club sold 24 copies, all members will find the Herald piece enlightening. It traverses many of the contributions that New Zealand Rotary has made nationally and internationally and presents that work in a positive light. 
Much of the extract is devoted to the future of Rotary and the challenges facing the organisation. One statement stood out as a stark reminder of the challenges ahead. “The survival of Rotary in New Zealand should not be taken for granted.”  
It outlines what members see as the issues facing clubs, some of the barriers to change and growth, and the form that clubs and the wider organisation might take in future years. 
Past World President Bill Boyd and former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand are quoted,

“In just the same way as Rotary gave purpose to those lost in the social upheavals of  the Great Depression or those who needed a new start after WWII, Rotary needs to move forward in the future with the same confidence, competence and commitment to make positive social change. This is our wero, our challenge to our fellow Rotarians.” 

I have scanned the full article. If you would like a copy of that email me and I will attach one.