PLANTING DAY REPORT 2021 Pakuranga College,
Rotary Club of Pakuranga and Trent & Kate Archer. Together, we planted 782 native plants.

Well done!


A lot of growing, caring & organising has taken place by the time the plants go in the ground. Thank you very much for your effort and commitment to improving our natural environment while also growing our next generation of environmentalists!

The planting was along a waterway and is a continuation of several years of plantings by a variety of schools. It is great to see the progress of previous plantings and the difference these are making in stabilising the land and improving water quality. Trent and Kate were great hosts, as in the past, and it was great to be warm and dry in the barn for lunch.

The Rotary Club of Pakuranga, who wisely didn't join us in wet conditions on a slippery hillside, were thanked for their continued support of the programme at the College.