The District Governor, in his presentation at last Mondays meeting covered a number of timely issues and initiatives that were already in our planning for the year. These are detailed in the scribes report on the meeting.  
As I indicated the Board did issue members  subscription notice for this Rotary year without first raising that at a meeting.The subscription that has been set was based on estimated club expenses for the year plus dues to District and International. Every attempt was made to keep that to a minimum. The big change for this year is that we have included a Foundation donation of $50. Members can choose not to pay that or to make a larger donation. A receipt will be issued for taxation purposes.I am of course hoping that members will make the donation.
The Governor also spoke highly of the anniversary sculpture project and this bulletin includes some images of our artist, hard at work on the sculpture.
He also talked about membership and included ideas that are central to the work that Peter Hawkins as the member with the membership remit is already doing. 
Finally, in recognising and applauding a range of the significant projects and initiatives that this club has been responsible for he reminded us of the contributions we have made and hopefully that encourages us to keep up the good work. 
You will notice that there are two scribes report in this edition. That is due to the editor being in the South Island last week. On the bright side it does ensure more reading for lockdown.