At our last meeting there was general acclaim when Bill Duncan was award the Five Avenues of Service award.
In the citation that followed I am sure members were impressed by the breadth and depth of Bills service to both Rotary and the community. 
In his acceptance of the award Bill talked about the fact that he had been inspired by others.
He also said "If you are asked to do a job for Rotary, you should do it." 
I hope that all members were inspired by that. 
I know that not all members are able to contribute in the way that they once were and that some are apprehensive about taking on new roles.That apprehension can be the result of work pressures, of other family plans or of wanting to help but wanting to avoid the public facing nature of some roles.
It is my opinion that all of us as Rotarians have a duty to make it possible for every member to feel they can step up and take a role. 
For some it will be in a mentoring capacity, for others it will be picking up part of the load and for all of us it will be by providing positive support and encouragement for those people who do put their hand up when asked. 
To quote that well known philosopher, John Lennon, "I get by with a little help from my friends." Or from the less well known "unknown" “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realised, I am somebody.”