Posted by Allan Vester on Aug 18, 2019

Gary spoke to the club about his journey with Rotary. This started as a 29-year-old at the Rotary Club of Onehunga where he remained a member for 16 years until work travel commitments saw him taking a six-year furlough. Then at a social gathering he was asked if he was a Rotarian – “no, but I was.” “Why don’t you join our club?” was the response and the second part of his Rotary journey started.

A major theme of Gary’s address related to membership and the public image of Rotary, two of the four strategic focus areas for 2019 and beyond. As Gary pointed out all of us were asked at some point, if we wanted to join Rotary. Those invitations and the good stories we can tell about Rotary are vital to a strong membership which in turn ensure we have strong and vital clubs.

The two other strategic areas are projects and the ability to adapt. For the 100-year anniversary, district 9920 will have as a project focus - “Rotary Give Every Child a Future.”   This will see 100,000 Pacific children vaccinated against rotavirus, pneumococcal and the cervical cancer. Virus. The anniversary year is also a chance for all clubs to promote their rich history of community work.

While encouraging clubs to adapt and giving examples of successful adaptation, Gary did remind members that change can be difficult. Remembering the Four Way Test and the values of Rotary can help in any change journey. Getting out and telling the good stories of Rotary can ensure that our clubs are strong and our ability to “create lasting change’ is enhanced.