With a Covid delayed start to planning and on-going uncertainty about having to deal with a possible Covid lockdown there were certain stresses in the lead up to what proved to be a highly successful day. Great weather, large crowds and a good turnout from Rotarians and Interactors saw the six hours fly by. 
As with all such events there were aspects of the day that need fine tuning. If numbers continue to grow, then additional attractions will be required. The unavailability of the scout group that normally provides the kayaks meant that we were not able to offer any water-based activities and thought is already being given as to how we can make sure that future carnivals incorporate more on the water. 
Of course, more people and more activities will require more Rotarians on the day and a willing team of members to plan the day. My thanks to all those who were actively involved in the planning and lead up to the carnival, to those who walked many kilometers delivering fliers and to those who assisted on the day
The continued support of Wayne Barnes and the Pakuranga Sailing club, the hugely subsidised provision of the generators by Aggreko, the free use of both the BBQ and the cold store truck from On-Site Caterers, waste control by Farm Cove Intermediate, this year’s involvement by the Auckland Tamal Association,  the ongoing involvement of Inner Wheel and the financial support of the Community Board all need to be acknowledged and thanked.