Latter in the Bulletin is reference to a fun night run by the Rotary Club of Sommerville.
That got me thinking.
The invitation came very late which made it less likely that many members of our club could attend. Nevertheless less the fact that some did attend and had a great time showed that there is real potential for more inter club sharing. Certainly in the past we have invited other clubs to join us for combined meetings but I wonder if there is not an opportunity for more combined activities.
When Governor Craig met with us he made the point that club amalgamations have not generally gone as well as hoped. Different club cultures can make bringing two clubs together difficult.
However as clubs change, often going though a form of lifecycle,  their capacity to undertake fund raising activities and to run larger social events also changes. 
Working with other clubs to undertake activities too large for one or joining together in fellowship opportunities that benefit from larger numbers seems to me to offer promise for the future. 
In effect since all clubs are working towards the same ends can we do more together? 
Is this something members would like the incoming Board to put some energy into?