A new year - but still Covid
At the same time last year we were looking with some hope to a more normal Rotary year. Face to face meetings, chances to fundraise and support our community and increased opportunities for fellowship.
And for a brief time mid year that looked like it was going to be possible. An outbreak of Delta followed by the incursion of the Omicron variant has of course put a dampener on much of what we were hoping for although I am sure members welcomed the chance to have a Covid free Christmas and to now be able to take part in face to face, if somewhat constrained Rotary meetings.
It would be a brave person who would want to place their reputation on the line and predict what will happen next but I am sure all members are hoping that our current variant will be the last major one and that once it has inevitably swept across the country things will return to a semblance of normality.   
World Water Day
Mar 22, 2022
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Introducing the President elect.
Starting with the old cliche "this member needs no introduction" I am pleased to be able to announce that Mike Collins has agreed to be the President Elect.
At our most recent meeting at the Pakuranga Sailing Club Mike gave a brief report on his and Kim's Covid experience. 
Like many of us Mike took the opportunity created by the lack of overseas travel to get to know New Zealand better. He  renewed his scuba diving certification, was appointed an industry advisor for pest managemnt and made some major lifestyle changes, most especially around diet that has seen him get back to a weight which both he and his Doctor see as a much more healthy place to be.
A spell of grandchildren minding and some enforced time away from the business has resulted in further life changes involving a reduction in hours to be spent working and a change in location and residence. With a new section, a house to sell and a new build to plan Mike and Kim have exciting times ahead. 
These changes will not impact negatively on Mikes Rotary involvement and his work as President and I am sure the club will be looking forward to his term. 
New Leadership Team for New Rotary Year.
The leadership team for the 2022/23 Rotary year is.
Mike Collins:             President
Allan Vester:              Immediate Past President, Bulletin Editor.
Kim Collins:              Treasurer.
Govind Pani:              Secretary
Denis Kavanagh:        Club Service/ Club Management
David Wardell:           Carnival.
Ian Handisides:          Conference.
Penelope                     Marketing and Satellite Club
Duncan Loney:          Sergeant. 
and including Ron French and Gerald Patterson. 
Satellite Club News. 
The Satellite club is actively seeking new members. This much younger club, [both in terms of years in existence, and in terms of the age of its members] can be a really excellent adjunct to our club.
It's quite possible that many of our members or our other Bulletin readers have children, other family members or even grandchildren who would find the Satellite club a great way to get involved in Rotary. 
Will everyone reading his bulletin reach out to family members who might be possible additions to our Rotary family and suggest they contact Penelope Franca, President of the Satellite club 
penelope.franca@raywhite.com or 021 127 5573 
They are planning a nice and relaxed "meeting to know us" evening and it would be great if they had a large turnout. 
Polio News
Sobering news was delivered last week with the advice that ONE further case of the wild polio virus was reported in Afghanistan, taking the total in that country to FOUR.  Just ONE case has been reported in neighbouring Pakistan which means a total of just FIVE wpv cases in the world this year!
This is exciting news,  given there were 140 cases reported throughout the world in 2020 – 84 in Pakistan and 29 in Afghanistan.
RI’s Polio Plus Chair and RI Past Vice President Mike McGovern recently returned from meetings in Pakistan and personally reported to the IPPC meeting.
He explained that the impact of our intense vaccination campaigns was now very positive.
‘The 84 cases in Pakistan last year were spread throughout 39 Districts.  This year – just one District – and the cases in Afghanistan were largely contained to one household in Kunduz province,’ he said.
He added that the 70 sampling sites throughout Pakistan had revealed just one positive sample in the last three months and suggested that we have really begun to corner the virus.
Mike said the vaccination campaign was looking to get more engaged in Nigeria in an effort to contain the vaccine derived virus.  Another challenge has presented itself as demand has outstripped supply of the bivalent oral polio vaccine. 
‘We are optimistic moving forward and feel good about showing the way with other health systems. Our campaign is bringing out Rubella and Measles as part of our PolioPlus campaign in Pakistan.’
Mike urged Rotarians to share the news that END POLIO NOW is making progress but there is still a way to go.
‘We are working with the Taliban in Afghanistan but the house to house vaccination program has been slow, due to some disturbances by the ISIS group. We are looking to upgrade security,’ he concluded.
Rotary Carnival Cancelled 
It was supposed to be that time of the year again - Rotary River Carnival.  With an estimated 1500 visitors and extensive advertising it was to be both a major fundraiser and a public display of our work in the community. 
Unfortunately instead of this bulletin being a call for volunteers it is instead a notice that the Carnival has been cancelled for the year.
After considerable planning work by David and his team the team and the Council made the decision to pull the plug. Being in Red and with no surety as to when things might improve it was necessary to call the event off. 
Helping the Community
With the main planned fundraising activities put on hold due to Covid we continue to look for ways we can support our Community.
An idea from Peter Hawkins was put into action by Peter Taylor and Laurie Moran and resulted in the donation of 100 food items in the back of Laurie's car and destined for the Salvation Army Food Bank.
This is an initiative the Community Committee are looking at rolling out across many more of the streets on which our members live and is also something being followed up on by the Satellite club. It does not generate funds but it does provide much needed support. 

Do you want something in the Bulletin? 
If you have a story or something that you think might interest members and other Bulletin subscribers please get those to me. 
Currently I generate most of the content and would be very happy to have more of that generated by you. 
If you can supply an image as well that would be really helpful and makes the Bulletin a lot more interesting.
A few basic rules:
- Can you provide the text in Word and don't do a whole lot of formatting. That creates work as I need to reformat in most cases.
- Not whole lines in CAPITALS as that needs retyping or reformatting . 
- I need to be confident that the material I publish meets the standard expected in Rotary which  precludes political and religious material and some jokes and illustrations. 
New Years Resolution
Peter working on his New Years Resolution to always do the dishes.
This will be something that will be helpful in keeping our meeting costs down so I am sure all members will be encouraging Peter not to give up.  
I am sure that any tips that might help productivity will be gratefully received.