From the President’s Desk
What a great turnout and fun filled program for our Birthday bash. Thanks Ian, for all the work that went into making this a great night and a special thanks to the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Handisides for breaking their honeymoon to entertain us during the night. We had some fun with the auction with proceeds going to Life Education Trust. It was a pleasure to induct two new members into the club and a presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow to Kim Collins. What a great night we all had.
With all that is going on in our lives, isn’t it grand that we can get together for Rotary, complete some projects and have fun. This is something that I wanted to reignite in our club, during my term as your President. Social contact is good for the heart and the soul. We have been deprived of this for far too long and the world has changed to protect our health at the expense of our social interaction. We can now see this in our young people, who I think have been affected by the way we reacted to Covid. We are seeing this now manifest into Youth crime, in our Education system and I think part of this can be contributed to our young people not being able to interact socially – it relates to all ages. We also are now seeing this lack of interaction in our workplaces, with staff opting to work from home. I can see this in our own business.
That is why I believe that the Rotary youth programs will play an even more important role going forward. We need to move quickly with more social interaction and that is where we can help by supporting our youth.
I am very pleased that we are getting back to meeting with one another through our club meetings, group meetings and projects. What a great turnout from the public for our Carnival. It was great to see so many people out and about, enjoying the day.
Going forward, I am sure Govind and his team, will keep our meetings fun and give us the opportunity to become sociable.
Cheers Mike
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Scribe’s Report - Birthday Bash - 8 May 2023                           Peter Woodcock
Well, we finally made it to a Golden Jubilee with a little sliver of diamond attached – 53 years of service to the community. What a record!
About 70 past and present Rotarians gathered with spouses, family and friends to celebrate in a colourful (those wonderful paua ties) and entertaining evening at the Howick Club on Monday night. For many it may well have been some years since previous contact with fellow club members and the evidence of the passing of time could have had some scrambling to identify "old acquaintances"!
However, that mattered little as attendees experienced some significant touches to the programme and received a reminder of what Rotary is all about. A moment of respectful silence was given to remember Russell Brighouse who was a stalwart of the club in its early years.
Alan Davies then gave a report on the recent golf day fund-raiser, expressing his sincere appreciation for all who had made it so successful – the sponsors (including Rotarians who paid for a hole or two), prize donors, the organising team, and workers on the day. St. John Ambulance is about $20K better off as a result of this event – and the weather was perfect!
Bill Duncan gave an account of the impact of Rotary on the lives of those benefitting from scholarships through trusts over the years – citing the very recent appointment of Andrew Becroft as a High Court judge in Auckland. ‘Service above Self’ has been evident over the half century with every Rotarian receiving the ‘rule book’ at induction. Although so many of the tight expectations relating to attendance, classifications and frequency of meeting have changed, basic principles remain the same and each one of us was encouraged to reflect on such contributions as we have been able to make while active members.
After a sumptuous first course, Past International Rotary President Bill Boyd quoted from the great Albert Schweitzer who once stated that the happiest people are those who have found the opportunity to serve others. Rotary of course provides this opportunity and any club president able to say that members were able to grow in service during their year must be well satisfied – and happy. A show of hands revealed that at least twenty past presidents of our club were present.
Next on the programme was the honouring of a Paul Harris fellowship to Kim Collins, not only honorary treasurer of the club but also someone who has had long involvement both in NZ and overseas with programmes involving young people.  Kim, witnessed by family and of course husband President Mike who did the honours of pinning on the coveted PHF badge, was quite overcome by the occasion having had no inkling of the possibility of receiving such deserved recognition.
The Jubilee cake, kindly donated by Past President Duncan Loney, was ceremonially cut by the two Bills already mentioned accompanied by a hearty (and marginally tuneful) singing of Happy Birthday to Us!
We then moved on to the induction of two new members to the club with Peter Hawkins introducing Sandhya Govind (Pani), wife of president-elect Govind, whose wide range of academic and business qualifications and community involvement is nothing short of astounding.
President Mike then brought forward Roger Purdie who with wife Sue has also had long involvement in service to the local community especially in the sport sector – tennis and golf in particular.
This injection of ‘new blood’ into the club is very encouraging at a time when membership has tailed off considerably and current members will undoubtedly enjoy the fellowship and input of two outstanding people.
Before enjoying the dessert those present were entertained with the auctioning off of the trophies associated with the now defunct fishing contest. Fierce bidding, especially in the Collins family, saw $565 raised for the Sunshine Fund as the gleaming cups and yummy chocolate fish were consigned to the dustbin of history and welcoming tummies.
To round off the evening, principal organiser of the event, Ian Handisides, having persuaded his son Stephen and wife Rhane to curtail their honeymoon, proudly joined the rest of us as the newlyweds, calling themselves the Delightful Diva and Dazzling Debonaire Dynamic Duo sang a number of well- known songs suited to our vintage. Audience participation added to the enjoyment of this final part of the programme.
In all one would have to agree that the occasion was a fitting celebration of 53 years of effective and influential service not just to the local community but also to many international programmes. Thank you, Ian!