Rotary Meeting By Zoom
I think it is fair to say that three months ago the thought of meeting by sitting in front of our computers and connecting by something called Zoom was not foremost in our minds.
So, there we were at 6.00 o’clock, various beverages in our hands, meeting “virtually”. President Bart welcomed 24 of us and explained that in his work role assisting with the sourcing of medical equipment mainly for ICU units he has been busier than normal but feeling lucky to still be working. 
We were also reminded that Saturday the 6th of May was to be our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner but had been postponed but that the organisers are still keen for this event to take place at a future date. 
One of Pakuranga Rotary flagship projects, Trees For Survival, now had a new National Director, Dennis Millard. The program faces some challenges going forward with a risk of losing our major sponsor and because our major trust is not receiving income  they are currently are not making any grants. 
There will be another Zoom meeting this coming Monday, May 4th. Bob Ritchie and Bill Duncan will be the guest speakers so we are aiming to have a good turnout. If you have items you want to have discussed can you get them through to me by lunchtime Monday.
Don’t forget to keep those items for the Bulletin flowing and best song or film or book nominations coming through. 
Rotary by Zoom
May 04, 2020
6:00 PM – 6:40 PM
World Bee Day
May 20, 2020
May Board Meeting
May 25, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
International Day of UN Peacekeepers
May 29, 2020
Queens Birthday
Jun 01, 2020
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Report from Zoe, our outbound student. 
We have been in lock down for a long time now. I don’t exactly know which day of lockdown it is anymore. Some years in school have gone back to school. Sadly, not my year but hopefully it means that I’ll be back to school soon enough. A lot of shops are now open but it’s weird because you have to have a mask to enter and most shops ask you to take a basket, trolley or chip to make sure that the shop isn’t overcrowded. There's also a new rule in my district now. Everyone has to wear masks in shops or public transports. If not you could get a fine of 50 euros which is almost as much as not having your transport card on public transport.
Thirty Years With Interact
In 1990, with just one year Rotary membership under my belt, I was approached by a fellow Rotarian Bob Benzie with a suggestion that I do something about getting an Interact Club under way at Pakuranga College. I had moved there from Edgewater College in 1987 and was still fairly much under pressure finding my way with new systems and relationships so wasn’t too chuffed about taking on new responsibilities.  But many of you will remember Bob – he was persistent if nothing else and finally wore me down. As a result, after clearing it with the principal Pamela Stone, our Paskuranga College Interact Club was assembled and chartered at a special evening on 14 March 1990 where Bruce Robinson (DG), Noel Holyoake, (past DG) and Dennis Waller (Pakuranga Rotary President), gave us the all go. 
Best Song [and book and film] Ever
House of the Rising Sun - Bob Dylan | Songs, Reviews ...
Graham Kearns. Bob Dylan. The House of the Rising Sun
Bob Dylan included this on his first album in 1962, using a folk arrangement he picked up from hearing Dave Van Ronk perform it and singing it as "it's been the ruin of many a poor girl." When The Animals recorded it two years later, it was transformative listening for Dylan, who learned he could put apply a rock rhythm to a folk song. He bought an electric guitar and started to use it, famously at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival where he did an electric set for the first time. 
The Best Of The Decca Years by The Weavers
Peter Woodcock.   A-round the Corner - The Weavers - late 1940s. As a kid, this song really took my fancy and led me into the world of Folk Music in which I had many years of involvement. Coincided with getting my first (plastic) ukulele.

Blowing in the Wind - Bob Dylan but Peter Paul and Mary's version mid 60's A folk-singing group I was in (West Side Four) sang this song in the finals of 'Have a Shot' at the Auckland Town Hall - and won!! Big time win which led to a couple of years doing gigs around Auckland and even Brooklyn Bowl in New Plymouth. Good times.
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Adrianne Skiffington  All Wrapped Up [Album] The Undertones. An Irish "Punk" band, with the cover showing a lady in a meat dress which was later made famous by Lady Gaga. The Undertones song, Teenage Kicks was mixed with Blondies One Way or Another by One Direction in 2013 as a fund raiser for Comic Relief, their video starred Tony Blair.
Joy Ward. Choral finale from Symphony No ) Beethoven  - Ode to Joy  
I sang it in German for a concert in the Sydney Opera House, with about 800 other choristers, last year.
The Big Chill (film) - WikipediaChris Ward -  Film .The Big Chill. A 1983 American comedy-drama that was the forerunner of many moviesof the modern era where friends hang out and strive to find intellectual meaning within stifling middle-class banalities. The movie has a sound track featuring soul, rhythm and blues and pop including tracks by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, the Rolling Stones and Three Dog Night. 
Pride and Prejudice (1940 film) - Wikipedia
Jeanette Roberts. Best book and movie. “Pride and Prejudice”  Jane Austin. Published in 1815.  
The film version I like best is the 1940 MGM version, starring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson, but the 1980 BBC TV Presentation starring Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul was very good and to my mind better acting and more honest than the later versions - 1995 with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and the 2005 one with Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley.  I have the 1940, 1990 and 1995 ones on video.
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Nick Loseby.  Film. The Italian Job. Best of British actors along with beautiful British and Italian cars, humour and of course the unforgettable line “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” This is one film where you wanted the “baddies” to get away with it. 
Rotary Merchandise
                           ROTARY CLUB OF PAKURANGA APPAREL
              With all the spare time on your hands these days, this would be a great time
              to check on your wardrobe, for any replacements that you may want.
                   Polo Shirts (Men’s and Ladies) $30.00
                   Caps          (              “                ) $13.00
                   Floppy Hats(              “                ) $21.00
                   Paua Ties                                       $20.00
                   Paua Bow Ties                              $15.00
                                 Only On Line Orders Taken!!
                Please contact Ian Handisides, Email :
                Merchandise Manager
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50th Anniversary Gala Dinner. 
Gala Dinner. 
Saturday 2nd of May the night the Rotary Club Of Pakuranga was to have staged their 50th Anniversary Gala Night at Waipuna, a Night not to have missed.
But yes we are missing the night, thanks to COVID-19. A huge disappointment due to the hours and hours of planning and I would like to thank my Committee.
However, The Gala Night must go on, certainly won’t be Take-Away! A future date to be decided.
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