The Bulletin Editor heads  to Europe in a few days. If members keep sending through the material they want published in a bulletin we will endeavour to keep communications going. 
Club Runner Bulletin editor can be a bit tricky to manage so no guarantees but because we also have access to Club Runner Email members should still be kept up to date.
One of the planned stops is Paris. May not be the best of times to visit the "City of Love" as protests about raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 continue.
New Zealand is not the only country with political pressures around that issue.
The following picture suggests that at least it looks like it wont be cold.
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Aug 16, 2021
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Pakuranga Rotary Meeting - 17 April 2023
Howick Club
Apr 17, 2023
5:30 PM – 7:45 PM
Apr 25, 2023
Annual Golf Tournament - Pakuranga Rotary
Whitford Park Golf Club
Apr 28, 2023
11:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Pakuranga Rotary - 53rd Birthday Celebration
Howick Club
May 08, 2023
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
World Bee Day
May 20, 2023
International Day of UN Peacekeepers
May 29, 2023
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Life in East Germany
Our guest speaker, Mirko Poetzscher and his wonderful pictures outlined for us how he came to grow up in East Germany after the post World War 2 settlements when Germany was divided between the victorious nations under joint administration. In essence West Germany came into being with its capital Bonn and 60 million people and the remainder became East Germany with its capital Berlin and 16 million people.
The division between the two  became a heavily cleared area on which were erected watchtowers, fences and guards making it very difficult to run across. The eastern border was under the Soviets and the western border under the Americans and the British. Those who went across from one side to the other were strictly monitored but many who want from East to West never went back. The wall was built in 1961 by which time it is estimated that 20% of the Population in the Eastern sector had transferred to the West.
The Allies spent money on rebuilding the economy in the West and sought reparations later.
The Soviets extracted resources from the East as war reparations, thus further weakening the East. While the East had free healthcare and education the West had higher salaries, more consumer goods, and greater personal freedoms. To prevent further losses it was decided to close the border, lock off streets and train stations and build the Berlin Wall.
The Wall was 43 km long through Berlin plus 112 kms through East Germany. Some crossings from east to West were allowed for seven day periods. As adults, Mirko’s grandparents were able to do this and by some minor miracle they managed to get permission on one occasion to take Mirko with them passed armed guards and sniffer dogs. Those crossing were given $100 each welcome money worth twice as much as the currency then prevailing in the East, and resulting with a trail of goodies making there way back to the East with the returning occupants.
Mirko’s pictures showed lines of the East’s most popular car, the Trabant (“Trabbi”) making their way across the border. It was estimated that between 1961 and 1989, when the wall was dismantled, 5000 people had escaped from the East.
There began large demonstrations and pressures on the system. When the wall actually fell in 1989, it actually happened by mistake. An East German Politburo officer prematurely lifted the restrictions on travel a day before it was intended, causing huge pandemonium ending with the guards giving way to those wishing to cross to the West. 
Mirko showed pictures of Erfurt today with its Cathedral and significant buildings and lay out. It would seem like a good place to visit for those who journey to Germany, the reunification of which began on 3 October 1990.
Since Mirko arrived in New Zealand he has proved to be a very successful insurance businessman and  Rotarian which has gained him a Paul Harris Fellow. For further information, try GOOGLE.
If Mirko's story made you more curious about that period I can recommend a wonderful German movie - The Lives Of Others.
It has been available on both Prime Video and Netflix. 
Fun Run
Highbrook Rotary ran their 10th Fun Run & Walk on Wednesday 22 March 2023.
The object was to raise funds and awareness for local charities which is particularly of value since the pandemic. It is aimed at companies and individuals in the Highbrook / East Tamaki area to encourage team building, encourage responsibility and to help build local identity. Most importantly it is a fun event that anyone of any ability could enter and get personal satisfaction. With over 380 participants this year the event proved a great success for the Club and the participants.
Pakuranga Rotary helped with 5 volunteers manning water stations and helping the set-up and pack-up. Those that attended were Andrew Seeley, Malcolm McLagan, Dennis Kavanagh and Graham Kearns who were joined by our prospective new member Roger Purdie.
Upcoming Speaker
The challenges (and opportunities) facing the Howick Local Board in 2023
Damian Light is the Chair of the Howick Local Board, responsible for decision-making on local issues, activities, and services such as libraries, parks and community programmes. Before being elected in October 2022, Damian worked for over 15years in process improvement and business performance.
He is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and has served on a range of boards including local community groups, charitable organisations, and commercial businesses. With over 150,000 residents to serve, the nine members of the Local Board face tough decisions this year as Auckland Council’s financial challenges mean reductions in funding - how do we do more with less?
President Elect
Something about our leader in waiting!--Govind Pani
Govind was born and brought up in India and is from a family of prominent bankers. His father was the managing director of the State Bank of Travancore which had about 1000 branches across India.
Govind graduated with a from the prestigious Loyola College at the University of Madras in 1983 and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant and as a Company Secretary. In 1986 when he first moved to New Zealand he also  completed his Masters in Taxation at the University of Auckland.
‘Our soon to be leader’ started his career with an affiliate of Deloitte in India and then moved to Shaw Wallace, a very large established company where at the age of 24 he found himself in charge of their corporate treasury.
In 1989 he moved to Bangkok and joined the President Park Group. Initially as financial controller at the age of 27 and after four years became their Chief Financial Officer. The group was a large player in property development, serviced apartment and hotel space.
In 1997 Govind moved back to New Zealand and joined Wireplus/Steel Plus as their financial controller. He was heavily committed in accounting work whereas his passion had always really been finance. This took him back to India in 2003 where he took over the head of finance role of Best and Crompton Engineering Ltd.
In 2005 Govind joined Damac as Head of Finance in Dubai. This company was one of the largest players in the Middle East, in terms of property development space. At the time the company was involved in a dozen middle Eastern countries including several iconic projects- the company having an annual turnover of about US3billion,
The family moved back to Auckland in 2009 when Govind took over as the CEO of DEC Australia in 2010 and was promoted to CEO in 2012 serving until July 2022 when he decided to step down . However, he remains a consultant to DEC.
Govind met his sweetheart Sandhya in 1987 and they were married in Bangkok in 1990. Together they have 3 high achieving children. Sandhya has a masters in French literature and a few years ago became interested in Naturopathy, qualifying as a Naturopath and now practicing as well as writing articles for newspapers on natural medicine. Govind has himself written books and had published memoirs of his parents including his mother’s favourite recipes but his favourite passion is CRICKET!- which this scribe is extremely pleased to note