Where do we go from here?
Our Bulletin Editor, Allan Vester has scarpered overseas for 10 weeks, leaving a significant void in our communications team. However, yours truly has unwittingly stepped up to fill the gap for a few weeks but certainly not permanently!  
So, what's front of mind to us all at present and where do we go from here? Well in my neck of the woods, nothing is more on our minds than living costs, politics, the weather and hovering in the background, Covid 19, otherwise known as the dreaded lurgy.
As Rotarians, we are supposed to be apolitical and neutral in our public views but privately what do we think about the state of the nation. From me, no comment here, but I could share some discussion over a Guinness or two and for those not culturally accustomed to this tipple, then maybe a wine would suffice. 
Anyway, we could start a Letters to the Editor process or even just provide some insights to your views, but we won't promise to publish if it is a bit confrontational or even irrational.
However, any views expressed by members and that includes the Editor, will not be the views of Pakuranga Rotary or it's members in entirety.  
Graham Kearns
The Fill-in Guy.
Pakuranga Rotary - 53rd Birthday Celebration
Howick Club
May 08, 2023
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
World Bee Day
May 20, 2023
Pakuranga Rotary Meeting - 22 May 2023
Howick Club
May 22, 2023
5:30 PM – 7:45 PM
International Day of UN Peacekeepers
May 29, 2023
Pakuranga Rotary Meeting - 19 June 2023
Howick Club
Jun 19, 2023
5:30 PM – 7:45 PM
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Charity Golf Day
What a great event on Friday 28th April. Well organised and managed by an excellent team lead by Alan Davies and Dennis Kavanagh, with help from a number of our members who gave up their day to be there. The weather was very kind and the Whitford Park Golf Course was in excellent condition, which provided good games and fun for all the participants.
With the excellent support of many sponsors, especially Ray White Eastern Group as the major sponsor, thanks to Anton Huang and his team, the results have proven to be as good as could be expected. This being the first of hopefully many more annual charity golf days.
The Rotary helpers on the day apart from Alan & Dennis, were Malcolm McLagan, Leslie McLagan (Highbrook Rotary), Penelope Franca, Del Johnston, Don Lawry, Roger Purdie, Kim Collins & Graham Kearns, who designed & produced, a rolling program for the in-house TV monitors. 
The primary recipient of the fundraising proceeds was St John, who had at least 2 of their team there all day including the only female to play the course on the day. The after-match auction was expertly conducted by Ben East from Ray White and was a lot of fun for the participants who provide much entertainment in bidding for the array of offers presented.
All this culminated in presenting St John with an amount exceeding $25,000 dollars. A great effort by a small committee of Pakuranga Rotarians, at various times including Penelope Franca, Govind Pani, David Wardell, Peter Hawkins, Leslie McLagan, plus Stephen Robinson (St John) and Daniel Voykavich (Ray White).  
On the day the iDrive team look resplendent in their team shirts and caps with one of the team actually featuring in the prize list! 
Save the date
By the time you read this the bookings will be closed and the hall will be filled with happy diners next Monday evening, in order to celebrate another year of Community Service by Pakuranga Rotary. 
You guessed it, we have reached the maximum reservation numbers, so apologies to those that delayed registering with mine Host, Ian Handisides. It appears it will be a night to remember on the Pakuranga Rotary social calendar for 2023. 
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Damian Light - Guest Speaker

At our last meeting we were appraised of the life and times of our Guest Speaker, Damian Light including the challenges (and opportunities) facing the Howick Local Board in 2023. Damian is the Chair of the Howick Local Board, responsible for decision-making on local issues, activities, and services such as libraries, parks and community programmes.
Before being elected in October 2022, Damian worked for over 15years in process improvement and business performance. He is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and has served on a range of boards including local community groups, charitable organisations, and commercial businesses.
With over 150,000 residents to serve, the nine members of the Local Board face tough decisions this year as Auckland Council’s financial challenges mean reductions in funding - how do we do more with less?
Damian's emphasis on opportunities rather than problems, gave the members some hope in the decision-making process now confronting this local board. We look forward to his return visit sometime in the months ahead, once their budget has been finalised and he is able to explain what decisions they had to make and why.