A membership organisation
 During the final President Elect training session, District Governor of District 9640, Andy Rajapakse stated that "We are not just a charity, we are also a membership organisation." 
I took that to mean,  placing some focus on your members and meeting their needs is a valid and valuable thing to do. 
With that in mind the Bulletin contains a couple of items that have nothing to do with raising money or supporting the local community and everything to do with members sharing experiences and hopefully having fun doing so. 
I am no expert at this aspect of club life so when you read the bulletin and have a "light-bulb" moment about something else you think members could share, please get that idea back to me. 
Queens Birthday
Jun 07, 2021
World Friendship Day
Jul 30, 2021
Rotary Membership and Development Month
Aug 01, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021
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Scribes Report
Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way. On Monday evening Kurt Meyer outlined the highlights of his 32 years in New Zealand’s Diplomatic Corps promoting the Kiwi way.
After an initial stint in the Cook Islands assisting with the establishment of a Department of Human resources as the Cooks moved from an agrarian economy, Kurt was posted to our Embassy in Washington DC as Consul General under Ambassador Bill Rowling. The fall-out from New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance meant that Invitations to the White House at that time were non-existent. However, it was not unusual for representatives of other countries to quietly signify their support of the New Zealand position.

Returning to the Pacific, Kurt was assigned to Nuie as High Commissioner just at a time that Air Nauru had cancelled the only regular jet service to the Island.  The Island continues to be heavily reliant on NZ Aid and struggles with de-population.

After a posting as Consul General in Brisbane, Kurt accepted an invitation to return as Consul-General to the Cook Islands with a focus on assisting the economic development of the outer islands.
During question time, Kurt had some interesting insights about the effectiveness of diplomats who had become politicians and of politicians who, on retirement, had attempted to become diplomats. His experience in the Pacific also enabled him to answer a question from Ron French by outlining his concerns at the increasing influence of China in both Samoa and the Cook islands.
Kurt was introduced and thanked by Dennis Kavanagh.
A chance to help
The Communicare bus that a number of us drove on a Monday is no longer being used for that purpose.
However each Thursday the same bus is being used on a Thursday to do a shopping run for older people who need assistance.Many of them are the same people we drove on a Monday.They are picked up from their homes at around 9.00 am and taken to Pakuranga Plaza one week and to the Botany Town Centre every alternative week.
The organisation which provides this service is looking for people who are willing to drive or to be the companion who assists them on and off the bus. 
If you are able to help get back to me. With plenty of helpers you are only rostered on once a month or less. 
A Musical opportunity.
Music lovers here is a chance to get together to attend what promises to be a stunning musical event.
Saturday 24th of July 
Ticket price $72 - $83
If you are interested get back to me. Bernardine is a great APO fan and is keen to have some of you join her for this event. 
During Covid Lockdown
During the first and longest  Covid lockdown I used the Bulletin as a vehicle for sharing between members and hopefully maintaining a sense of social connection in those unusual times. One thing that we did was to share our "best album ever recorded" and "best book ever written"  selections.
With a subscriber base of almost  200  I would be happy to use the bulletin to continue to share.
Rather than the best book and best album how about sharing a brief review of some music you have recently discovered or a book you recently enjoyed?Your experience with that film, book, television series, podcast or music might lead another reader to try it out and benefit from your enthusiasm for it.  
A few pictures from a great evening
Apologies in advance.
Hundreds of photos were taken and in publishing any in the Bulletin I run the risk of offending those not chosen.
However at some point members will be able to access the photo gallery.
Until then here are a few.