Presidents Comments
The general conclusion across Auckland that this latest lockdown has been the most difficult. The Delta variant of the virus has been more difficult to get under control and in-household transmission has been much greater.
Nevertheless, Auckland has largely got through it with compliance levels generally still very high. OK, there has been the odd escapee, a couple of ill-timed and ill-thought-out fast food runs [along with a large quantity of then to be confiscated cash] but we have not had the kind of scenes that Australia is having to deal with. 
What the lockdown has demonstrated is that people enjoy social contact. It seems to me that Rotary is well placed to help provide those contacts and that we can do that in person and in real time when response levels allow but also virtually and via electronic means at any time. That can happen without in any way distracting from the other things that we do as members and as a club. 
We will have members who are keen on such things as crosswords, number puzzles, quiz’s, political discussion, books, films, or music.  Are there things we can we do as a club to encourage members with similar interests to share those? Fellowship is something Rotary values highly so if you have ideas on how we might use the electronic media to share common interests please share those and perhaps we can get some things happening.  
World Maritime Day
Sep 28, 2021
International Day of Older Persons
Oct 01, 2021
Rotary Economic and Community Development Month
Oct 01, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021
World Habitat Day
Oct 04, 2021
International Day for Disaster Reduction
Oct 13, 2021
United Nations Day
Oct 24, 2021
World Polio Day
Oct 24, 2021
Labour Day
Oct 25, 2021
World Interact Week
Oct 25, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021
A month of Rockets and Fireworks
Nov 01, 2021 - Nov 30, 2021
Rotary Foundation Month
Nov 01, 2021 - Nov 30, 2021
Charity Golf Tournament
Whitford Park Golf Club
Nov 19, 2021
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Scribes Report
Monday’s virtual meeting was well attended, and we took the opportunity to hear from our local MP and club member, Simeon Brown. Simeon talked about three main topics: his new roles in National, the Eastern Busway and Covid 19.
Simeon is now Deputy Shadow Leader of the House. This is much more of a parliamentary role where mastering the Standing Orders becomes important. Those “orders” are the rules under which Parliament operates.  For most part the Shadow Leaders work with the Leader of the House to ensure the debating chamber runs smoothly but can use the rules, [taking up time, putting up amendments etc to slow the process down when they are adamantly opposed to something the Government is wanting to advance through the House. 
He is also Nationals spokesperson for Corrections, Law and Order and the Serious Fraud Office. He did note his support for rehabilitation of prisoners and the fact that the S.F.O is a very small office with an annual budget of just $13 million. 
The Eastern Busway looks like being finished by November, but Simeon expressed his concern over the delay in moving to the next stage of the project, the Pakuranga to Botany link, which now won’t be finished [all going well] until 2028.
There is still hope for progress on the Reeves Road Flyover. That development is an important factor in the delay in the major developments planned for the Pakuranga Plaza site. The Singapore owners have plans for up to 1000 apartments, a hotel and retail. 
With Covid 19 Simeon believes that we were slow in rolling out vaccinations but did note how dramatically vaccination rates have increased recently. He believes we should set a vaccination target, recognising that there will be 10 -15% of the eligible population who may not or will not be vaccinated. The National Party’s position is that once 70-75% of the legible population is vaccinated there should be no need for further lockdowns and at 80% plus we could start opening up. There are, he pointed out tricky conversations to be had in terms of opening up our country and opening up our borders. 
In response to the question about solutions, Simeon saw the need for a purpose built MIQ facility, near Auckland and the opportunity for fully vaccinated travellers with a negative test to be able to self-isolate on their return  
 Helping others.
The really fast and generous response we had to the food bank request shows the way in which our club can respond to need.
That got some members thinking about other ways we might contribute to our community. That could  include further support for food banks but I am sure that members will be aware of other causes. Remember, support does not always have to include money or goods but can also include time and expertise.
For example, while the Communicare bus is no longer running, some of our members are now driving a bus [the same one] for MECOS taking older people shopping one morning a week. If you would like to assist with that programme please let me know or alternatively let me know if you have other ideas of where support could be given.   
Rotary by Zoom
Meetings by Zoom can be a great way of meeting when conditions require.
The experts now have complied a list of things to look out for when meeting by Zoom.
  • Check you lighting so you look as good as possible.
  • Check you backdrop. A bookcase full of books can be great but take care on the titles that are visible.
  • Put all rubbish where the camera does not see it.
  • What you wear below the waist is not a problem unless you forget and stand up.
  • Warm other family members that you are on Zoom and if in doubt stay on mute.
  • Check your connection and your audio and video state pre meeting. 
  • If in doubt Google "Humorous Zoom meetings." 
Thanks to Graham K for the screen shot of our meeting - chosen I am sure when we all looked wide awake and at our best.