Posted by Kelvin Davies on Apr 26, 2018

At our last meeting Emily presented an overview of her time as an exchange student based in Copenhagen, Denmark during the period 2017 to 2018.

She is 18 years old and it is very apparent she made the most of her opportunities that the Exchange presented. She really embraced the lifestyle and made lifelong friends and contacts. There were challenges e.g. the language but Emily learned a lot from her host families. She soon realised the exchange was not a holiday and it was over to her to ensure it was a success.

Emily was fortunate to travel widely including visits to Berlin, Austria, Venice, and Paris. We were surprised to hear that she also travelled with a school trip to South Korea. The group comprised of 30 students and 4 teachers.

In response to a question Emily advised she had gained confidence, dealing with people, being patient and also public speaking. She is now studying for her Fashion Designer Major at Whitecliffe College School of Arts and Design, and playing soccer for Bucklands Beach Football Club plus assisting at the Good Home in Howick.

Linda thanked Emily for her presentation and extended best wishes for the future.