Posted by Peter Woodcock on May 15, 2017
There was me and you (didn’t see the dog named ‘Boo’), sweet Caroline, Bobby McGee and a whole lot of other familiar names and faces at the Yacht Club venue on Monday as 46 members and partners ate and boogied the night away to the beat of the band Vintage Summer starring our very own Linda Agnew.
A quick glance at the bar tab showed good support from the imbibers, ensuring at least a break-even ledger. For some ‘It’s a Heartache’ may have tweaked the emotions – for others more geriatric, like yours truly, ‘It’s an earache’ may have been more appropriate but there was an out in the room next door to allow for any needed respite and recovery. All in all, an enjoyable night with a difference – the roast pork with healthy accompaniments supplied by Onsite caterers was a winner.
Band contact: John on 027 294 7550.